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Raj Comics

                                                  RC Universe

Raj comics(RC) is the pseudo name for Indian comics.The comic book section of Raja Pocket Books have a whole bunch of characters,superbly crafted out by the creative minds of Manish Gupta,Anupam Sinha,Jolly Sinha,Sunil Pandey,Vitthal Kambley & others who are the brains behind this extremely popular comic range.
Their Arsenal of Superheroes are meticulously crafted & a lot of thought is put into each story.The illustrations by Anupam Sinha (Nagraj & Dhruv series),Dheeraj Verma (Bheriya & Doga series) ,Suresh Deengwal (Parmanu & Doga series) ,match with the world’s best.
To start with,I would give you a brief description of the characters ( probably in 2 or more parts).
NAGRAJ: (Lord of Serpents )
He is the most famous superhero with more than 200 titles to his name.He is the crowned prince of NAAGDWEEP (isle of snakes) which is hidden from the rest of the world.
                          Nagraj ( calling sookshma sarps living in his body )

He lives in Mahanagar in the disguise of a journalist in Bharti Communications as Raj(a stupid,good-for-nothin guy).He’s got many powers which were given to him as boons by DEV KAAL JAYI (Serpent God) when he was born to the King of Naagdweep. His powers include :

a)Vish Dansh : his venom is described as the deadliest in the world ( which he got from lord Shiva).He can inject his venom through his venomous bite that can instantaneously decay any living being to death.

b) Sarp Sena (Snake army) : In his body, several sookshma sarp (micro snakes ) live & multiply every moment & derive power from his blood.They obey him without questioning & can come out from his body to their original form when ordered.Nagraj can order them to even cover his own nervous system in case of deadly blows.They can spy for him,have telepathy with him & much more.He can assume the physical strength of all thses snakes to manifold his strength.

c)Vish Phunkar : He can inhale oxygen & exhale venomous breath(whose intensity can be controlled) to disarm his opponents.

d)Sammohan : He can hypnotise anyone by staring into his eyes ( inspired by the popular perception about snakes in India).

e)Icchadhari Shakti : This was his most potent weapon until he ordered himself to disable it through self-sammohan (in the issue titled ‘Naagraj ka anth’) which would otherwise have led to the destruction of the whole world.This power enabled him to take up any form that he could imagine (‘Icchadhari’ means ‘one who can take up any form at will’).But now he can use it only to come into human form & protect himself from major brain injuries.
                       Nagraj vs Nagpasha : with Tridev (in the back drop)

Main Opponents:
Naagpasha,Shakkoora,Naagdant,Thodanga,Shanker Shanshah,Nageena,Miss Killer & others ( I’ll write about them later!).

Other Characters:
Visarpi ( his lady-love),Bharti(owner of Bharti Communications & the only human who knows Nagraaj’s secrets),Tridev(a 3 headed snake : his mentor),Naagu etc.

He was left out in a garbage bin when he was born to survive on his own and was found by a dacoit,Balkan Singh,who raised him along with his dogs & treated him as his dog.All these early hardships wiped out any traces of humane feelings from his heart. which doesn’t house any sympathy or compassion but believes in taking on the bad guys in there own way.
He was rescued by 4 men  (whom he calls Chacha or Uncles) who were the first to treat him as a human & bring him to the right path (more about them in later posts).

He too doesn’t have any superpower. He completely relies on sheer violence & heavy artillery.He possess immense physical strength (is a pro gym trainer & is known as Sooraj ) & endurance.He can communicate with dogs ; street dogs spy for him & he uses an ultrasonic whistle to call his faithful friends(dogs).

Other Characters:
Inspector Cheetah,Adarak Chacha,Gainda,Jhabra etc.

• Please give your comments on this post & come back for the 2nd part of this blog post.I’ll write about other characters of RC in coming days.

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