Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hanuman VS Superman

All of us know the story of the Ramayan and how Lord Hanuman helped Lord Ram defeat Ravan and how he rules the heart of many young Indians as the deity who amuses them with his heroic adventures yet being so humble. But perhaps few among us know that now he is going to rule the comics industry with many companies including Virgin comics of Shekhar Kapoor bringing out Hanuman comics.The recent success of Hanuman toon movies & the increasing fan base for the deity has led the industry to think of new ways to capitalise on this & make some money! 

Hanuman (c)Virgin ComicsComic Book based on Hanuman is the March 2008 edition in the India Authentic Series presented by Deepak Chopra and Virgin Comics. This is the 11th book in the India Authentic Series based on Hindu Gods..

The previous editions of India Authentic series from Virgin comics have been noted for its high quality illustrations.
Its already in news that even american comic enthusiasts who were ever amused by Superman and Spiderman are now turning to the new monkey God around the circle and now he’s got a whole new fan club down there!

The good thing about it is that the illustrations are of ultimate quality and the storylines have been adequately adapted to make it a fun reading by using plots from Indian mythology.The prospects of hindu mythology in entertainment industry is immense as is proved by the fact that hollywood is going to get a movie based on Ramayan with rumours featuring Keano Reeves (Matrix)  as Ram.

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