Wednesday, June 23, 2010

GRE Help

Hello friends,

As I am planning to prepare for the GRE, I thought that sharing whatever new info I get through this blog will be a really good idea as it would not only help me log it up for future reference but will also be a service to my fellow test takers.

I was going through Barron's ( recommended GRE preparatory text ) and I came across the Analytical writing section. It said that GRE official website ( ) provides a pool of Issue topics for the Analytical writing section. Let me share the link with you :

I have a plan for those who are really interested. Why not take up a topic every few days and write an essay. This will not only make us more prepared and confident but also help us in analysing where we stand. I would be posting my write-ups on this blog. I request you to come up with your reviews and critique. This will not only help me improve myself but also let you know how you can be better at it.

I would recommend all aspirants to start a blog of their own as this will be very helpful in nourishing your scores in the verbal section. I would be really glad if I could help in any way.



  1. So nice of you! Keep up the gr8 work!

  2. My pleasure come back for the essays.