Wednesday, June 16, 2010


As ‘they’ say, you can find music everywhere, from the tickling of clock, to the beatings of heart. If you look at it, even silence has music in it!! When it comes to music all are very passionate, reckoning and excited. For some 'music' mean happiness, for some nostalgia, and for some others time pass. But for me music is all the three and much more. Well, its all about that nice voice coming out while singing, the brains and fingers working behind the instruments, the hard work, the dedication and what more……….the whole life!!, isn’t it??
There are so many genres, names, types of songs that we can’t even remember or even hear in our lifetime. I think that’s why the word ‘Music’ is such a familiar name in this whole world because it engulfs every aspect. You talk about your best band or singer or so, there will be a crowd with you, but there will also be a crowd ready to debate and stand against you. It can just melt some hearts the same way it can lift your spirits up. It can make you cry, smile, nostalgic, lament… That is the power and magic of music.
The more you describe it the more it shows its vastness. You’ll run out of words and fall short. I think, of all the things discovered, man did not had to look for music because music came looking for him.
Many have made life out of it…. And I’m sure we also hope the same, though we know, many of us can’t. For those people who know that they aren’t made for the music industry or whatever!!..........Well, at least you can try lip sinking during a song!!

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