Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2012 - Science or Fiction

Though everyone is really talking about the doom’s day! No one is sure what lies ahead.Yes, many believe that 2012 will be the last year which will mark the end of life form from Earth. Rumors are there that due to number of reasons the world will end its long life in 2012. Is this pathetic or just a rumor or is this that awful reality?
Well, the most considered part of this is the MAYAN CALENDAR as the Mayan calendar ends at the date of 21 December 2012. This calendar even told about the lunar eclipses which may happen thousands of years ahead and guess it was correct! The Mayan calendar ends on 21 Dec 2012 but it doesn’t tell us about what may happen on that day of the most awaited year but many opinions are that there will be a great change but no one knows what that change is or will be. Some say it’ll be a spiritual change but some say that there may a catastrophic change. 
The next most common part of this is the collision of PLANET  X with the Earth.It is said that a planet X (Nibiru) as big as Jupiter will collide or will pass very nearly to Earth leading it (Earth) to stop its rotation and then to restart its rotation. Though many scientific criticism have been given by scientists like if it is so close than it would be visible with naked eyes like Uranus.
Many other possibilities are in front of us like:
Comets or meteors colliding with earth: 
Earth has experienced it before and there is a fair chance of it scientifically also as there may be very little or no warning. May be a mass meteor will hit and the earth will be gone like anything.

 Magnetic pole shifts:
Well many say that there may be shift in the poles. The pole reversals happen over an average of 400,000 years and one can’t deny that as these are said to be rapidly declining in the last 150 years. It is predicted that it will move from Canada to Siberia in the next 50 years.

Global warming:
The most debated issue global warming is still a threat before us and no one knows what may the consequences of it. Though very fewer chances are there in the near future but it still remains as a possibility. Will it create a change so fast that may wipe out life from Earth in 2012 no one knows?

It’s a popular belief that someday machines will rule the Earth and it’s also possible because we have already taken our steps into the world of machines/robots. Will robots take over us or will they destroy the Earth and moreover will we allow such a situation to arise? But a problem doesn’t come knocking over the door and giving us warning. Unfortunately, it’s also a possibility.

Nuclear mishandling:
There is also a possibility of nuclear power reaching into wrong hands and moreover adversely affecting us. As experienced before there can be nuclear accident which may suck all the life forms from Earth or may destroy the Earth itself. Well we may witness that also.

Volcanic eruption:
There may be volcanic eruption so mighty that it may engulf the whole Earth. For example the Yellowstone may explode in the near future according to some as it has shown some signs of it and if it will, it may engulf half of USA and will also create major climate changes.

Alien invasion:
The long lasting belief that aliens hover over our earth and may attack us for some reason and the life on earth will be vanished.

Nuclear war:
It is one of the best possibilities as it may happen anytime. According to a great writer
”We will fight the 3rd World War with nuclear weapons but then we will fight the 4th World War with bows and arrows.”
Perhaps to fight the 4th World War humankind mayn’t be there.
Well these are only some of the possibilities from the numerous which may be faced on the so-called doom’s day.
Is the day which was feared the worst is finally so close? For those who believe that everything will be over in 2012 enjoy your lives at the maximum and for those who don’t believe it, well, time will tell!

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