Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Brothers Bloom - the whereabouts

Brothers Bloom - the whereabouts


Hey folks,

 Brothers Bloom is a blog that discusses everything under the Sun that excites us. The blog is moderated by me (Vinu) and my brother, Sonu. Sonu is a Commerce student,currently doing BBM CA. He has his own refreshing views about every thing under the Sun & is really crazy about movies, books, cars & music. An atheist by choice, he lives with Mom & Dad in Kerala.

I am his elder brother Vinu & the only thing I don't like about Sonu is that he is taller than me. I am doing my PhD at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. I love computers and gadgets, football and art. By art, I mean movies, music and comics.

Our interests are pretty much the same,though,the things on which we've different opinions may create a debate as a corollary.The things which differ in us will even more help this blog to bloom.


What to expect from Brothers Bloom?

   Well, Brothers Bloom is meant to be a mixed bag where you'll find us pen down our experiments with a variety of things that intrigue us.Vinu is an engineering student, so you can also find some techie blogs too. We love sports,especially, Cricket,Tennis & F1,so they too are on the table. Music is what bind us together, we share similar tastes & even though we are very selective, as a combination we have a lot to offer.

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