Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Uzair Jaswal: a refreshing voice and some soulful music

I don’t know when or how I came across this fresh voice in a song called “Yaheen”, but I instantly fell in love with it. Uzair Jaswal is a talented new singer who is trying his luck in the popular Pakistani pop arena. Born in Oregon, USA, Uzair is just 21 and is very ambitious regarding his upcoming projects.

Till date, he has had some 4 songs that are making rounds on Youtube. Other than my favorite “Yaheen”, there are three other numbers: “So ja”, “Tere Bin” and “Maa”. These songs are already popular in Pakistan and are slowly getting its own bevy of fans in India as well. Not only are the songs soothing to the ear, the lyrics are pretty deep as well.

Also known as Ozzy, Uzair Jaswal chose Music as a career when he was just 19, but according to him,” I have been singing from the day I was born”. The soulful singer with his soft and mellow voice is a charmer.  He has also acted in a short movie called “Poondi Bech” which can be viewed on Youtube.

Though many consider his voice to be similar to Atif Aslam, I personally feel that this one is special and has an individuality of its own. His music seems to be greatly inspired by Lucky ali, who is again one of my favorites.

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