Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The advent of Fast Food Chains in India

The flocking of world’s best in the business of fast food chains to India is a sign of the enormous success of India’s Globalization policy. Ever since India opened its doors to global players, many internationally successful fast food chains have shown great interest in opening up their franchises in India which is now slowly   turning   into world’s   economic   hub.  With   global   biggies   like  McDonald’s,  KFC,  Pizza  Hut, Domino's and many others who have already established a very firm fan base in India and trying to hop on to every opportunity to seize a larger share of the market, the competition is bigger than ever.

What is a fast food chain?

A fast food chain is simply a large consortium of restaurants spread throughout different parts of a nation, serving fast food under a common brand name that is easily recognizable and marketable. The fast food chain culture   is   rapidly   gaining   popularity   in   India   because   of   the   intelligently   tailored marketing strategies,   advertisements   and   brilliant   products   and   services.  These chains of   fast   food are mainly targeted at the kids and rich youth with a flair for western tastes and many times they serve as a meeting place more than a restaurant.

Successful run

The visibility of the fast food chains has increased manifolds in the past few years. One can easily spot at least a dozen of fast food joints in a city. These chains of fast food are mainly located in shopping malls and office complexes where a lot people gather on a regular basis. The menu at these restaurants is very attractive and prized in a very sensible way.  The fast   food  joints  cut  down  the waiting  time and also provide ready to serve food with instant appetizers to satiate almost everyone’s fetish running in a tight schedule.

Where is it headed?

With increasing competition, retailers are looking at different fancy ways to woo the customers.  Many
fast   food chains  like Burger  King and McDonalds are  trying  to  Indianize  their  menu by  introducing products that suit the tastes of the local customer base. Some franchises have introduced fast food joints at college campuses with special   rates and other offers   to attract young customers.  As   the competition intensifies and with more globally acclaimed  fast   food chains  and café chains  like Starbucks and 7-Eleven planning to step into the market, the customer is sure to benefit.

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