Saturday, March 17, 2012

New IPL 5 Carnival Ad: Creativity at its best!

Nothing else can describe the IPL better than an equally colorful carnival that carries the spirit of joy and celebration. Indian Premier League, the most exciting and fun filled brand of Cricket is entering its fifth season and the organizers have spent their time to promote the event with all the vigor that it epitomize. The latest TV commercial for the IPL season 5 caught my eye recently and encouraged me write about it.
The commercial starts when two school children are offered to visit a huge carnival by a strange yet intriguing man with a hat. The kids are amazed when they see the IPL carnival inside with wild joy rides inspired by cricketers and their styles. There is the Dhoni Dhamal, Vettori Twirler, Gilly Funda, Dravid Wall, Slinga Mallinga, Pathan Pounder, Sanga Sizzle, Veeru Whammer and Master Blaster: all sorts of wacky rides that would amaze you with their creativity.

The ad by Ogilvy is a masterpiece in itself. With a compelling carnival like setup and a truly jubiliant BGM, the commercial does not need any commentary. All it says, is a superb yet simple punch line that brings back the man with the strange hat (played by actor Makrand Deshpandey) saying, "Yeh IPL hai boss!".

The brilliant ad was conceptualized by master ad-man Abhijit Avasthi of Ogilvy. It was shot by a Mumbai based production company called Bang Bang Films. The sizzling 1-minute ad is sure to capture your attention and comes with a breeze of freshness and never-seen-before visualization and concept. Thumbs up!