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Raj Comics : Part 2 … Indian Comics

I was pleased to see the interest the readers have shown on my previous post titled ‘Indian Comics : an intro’
As promised earlier,here I am with a lil info on other characters from the RC universe.

Vinay was traumatized when he saw his classmate being murdered by none other than the Head of Police.Accidently he found the murder weapon,a police revolver. The wicked Policeman came after his life to save his reputation in the society

His family was brutally murdered but Vinay was saved by his maternal uncle-Prof.K.K – who is a nuclear scientist,Vinay calls him Professor.
In Professor’s lab,they are attacked by a monster affected by nuclear mutations- Bufalo.After a lot of struggle, Vinay saves Professor’s life which encourages him to reveal a secret invention to Vinay.The professor  gives him a nucleo-stable suit and high-tech gadgets that made him PARAMNU – the masked protector of Delhi.

Vinay joins the Police force and covers up all the evidences leading to Parmanu and hence comes up as a super hero with ultra-atomic powers.

Professor K.K or Kamal Kumar Verma was killed in a tragedy,but he left a robot (instinctively named PROBOT) to assist Parmanu.

Atomic rope,ability to reduce to any desired size (his density increases as his size reduces),ability to atomize,teleportation,flying power,shoot up atomic bolts from his wrist band gadget.
His high-tech belt has got many buttons that enables him to switch from one form to other.His suit can even resist nuclear explosions.

ALLIES: Mamta Pathak  ,Professor Kamal Kumar Verma , Sheena , Shipra , Inspector Dhanush-baan , Probot
ENEMIES: Naashketu , ZeroG , Vriksha , Programmer , Hyena , Itihaas , Madam COLD , Cactus , Neem hakeem , Typhoon

I had to search Wikipedia for the origins of Bheriya because I was not very sure…it goes like this:
“More than fifty thousand years ago, there was a kingdom by the name Wolfano, in which lived a highly evolved breed of Wolves who were powerful warriors and walked upright. Their king was a wolf named Wolfa who took fancy to a human girl, Rajkumari Survaiya. She was a princess of the human kingdom Konkani. Wolfa tricks the girl into matrimony, and they have a son, Kobi.

Eventually, Survaiya sees through the trick and leaves Wolfa and Cobi to marry another King of Moraghah. King Konkan of Konkani tricks and destroys the wolf kingdom of Wulfano,but guru Bhatiki-the main saviour and priest of wolfano saves Kobi from being killed and then he brings up Cobi and converts him into a fearsome warrior. When Kobi comes of age, he and his father go to claim her. Survaiya, in a rage at this audacity, curses Cobi and turns him into a gold statue.

   Fifty thousand years later the curse is lifted and Kobi finds himself in a jungle in Assam. He starts his new life with the name “Bheriya”. Bheriya is a towering figure with howling mane, twisting tail and glowing eyes. He protects his native forest with a passion, and the natives worshiped him as their wolf God.

     Bheriya finds a master, Bhatiki, who teaches him how to fight. Bhatiki splits Bheriya into “Kobi” and “Bheriya”. Bhatiki did this in order to send Kobi to Wolfano. But bhatiki fails to do so,mean while Kobi the wolf or animal part of Bheriya marries Jane and is unable to leave the jungle. For 10 years Cobi resided in the jungles of Assam, protecting the residents from many dangers.


Kobi could lengthen his tail to any desired length at wish and use it as a potent weapon or aid. In times of extreme crises he invokes wolf Gods and a fearsome mace materializes in his hand to smash the enemy. When in need Kobi can also call for help of an army of millions of wolves. These wolves consider him as their god and worship him.

Bheriya is a fearsome warrior having inherited all the fighting skills from the original Kobi. Bheriya is also a master of many ancient tricks and fighting skills and many a times he has beaten Kobi too.

Bheriya : this is how he looked when Kobi was not seperated from BheriyaALLIES : Jane , Guru Bhatiki , Fuzo Baba
RIVALS: Elphanto, Tuntunna, Andhadhundh, Kaigula, Kaalnemi, Pretaal, Grahno, and King Luna.
Wikipedia has a very comprehensive article on Bheriya,here’s the link :

 Left: Original Bheriya - this is how he looked when Kobi was not separated from Bheriya

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