Wednesday, June 6, 2012

5 most creative iPad wallpaper websites

Ever since I got my hands on my brand new iPad, I had been searching for unique and creative wallpapers for my iPad that would reflect my personality. Even though the bundled wallpapers are there, but I find them outright boring and plain. So, I went ahead and dug out some really cool websites that offer incredibly creative and fun filled iPad apps. I hope you would find one that matches your personal taste :)

1. Mantia
Mantia is a simple website featuring iPad, iPod and Mac wallpapers created by US based designer by Louie Mantiais. I simply fell in love with the simplicity and character of the featured designs.

2. Vlad Studio

Vlad studio has a whole gamut of wallpapers for everything Apple! Filled with colorful and extremely attractive wallpapers, Vlad is one of my favorites. Apart from wallpapers, the site also features some small games and apps for iPad.

3. Iconpaper
Dedicated to making awesome artwork for your Apple devices, Iconpaper is a dedicated Mac/iOS customization website that will definitely blow your mind away. With designer docks, icons, wallpapers and lockscreens, you are good to go!

4. Dizorb
Dizorb aims at compiling an extensive wallpaper library using user-contributed content. Dizorb features a wide range of gorgeous HD wallpapers for your iPad. You would really appreciate the variety and quality of the content that is shared.

5. The Desktop Wallpaper Project
This is a really special one. The Desktop Wallpaper Project is a great initiative of The Fox Is Black, an art and design blog. The blog's endeavor is "share the most interesting and inspiring parts of contemporary life and culture". I personally find it one of the best source to choose your pick if you are in love with contemporary art. The website offers wallpapers in many different resolutions and off course, it supports your favorite Apple devices.

Lets hope that you enjoyed the compilation and found a perfect match for your homescreen on your loved iPad/iPhone. Please share your comments.

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