Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Checklist for International Travel- Done by a group of NTU students, who wrote, re-wrote and finally have this up here!

    Its a highly comprehensive list of items that you would like to pack your bags with. Although many things are optional, you can be sure that at least you won't miss out on anything if you follow this.

• Three to Five pairs of jeans/Cargoes/Capris/pants
• Five t-shirts
• Three formal shirts ( for guys).
• One or two formal skirts or pants ( for girls)
• Ten sets of inner wear
• Four sets of casual wear - for sports, night wear. Carry tracks, pyjamas etc. If you live on campus, you will practically live on these.
• Hand kerchiefs
• A light weight travel jacket (optional, need not be too thick nor heavy, it is not for cold climate)

Girls - Salwars are fine to wear to college. Kurtas, Jeans, Leggings are mostly preferred. It is really hot here, so carry cottons. A saree can be bought, if you have space. Nice to have. Purely optional.
Guys - Most of them lived on jeans, and t-shirts. Cargoes are great too. Formals only for interviews, in the end of course. If you plan to go to India in between - you can skip it.

The weather at Singapore never comes down below 20 degree celcius, so u do not need any warm clothing at all. Drop all that thermal wear and shawls:-) . Lecture theatres are really cold here. So get a light weight jacket and a shawl ( for girls)

• One shoe pair (sport shoes recommended)
• One formal buckle shoe, or slip on laced shoe (the ones that can be worn without socks). There is a lot of walking here. So invest in a branded floaters.
• One casual slipper for inside home wear
• Four pairs of socks (ankle socks are recommended)

Toiletries and Cosmetics
• Three bathing towels (good if they are thin and light, they also dry up fast, try Bombay dyeing, turkey towels to be avoided)
• 2 or 3 hand towels
• Shampoo & moisturizer bottle (a small one) and hair oil (small bottle)(optional)
• Three to four bars of soaps
• Two toothbrushes (one will last for 3 months)
• One small tube of toothpaste(optional)
• One deodorant or perfume (to be carried in the luggage not in cabin bag)
• Face wash tube (optional)
• Face cream (moisturizer)(optional)
• Vaseline moisturizing body lotion in tube (optional)
• Shaving razor and foam (optional)
• Lip-gloss, Lipstick and all those things girls take .(optional)
• Combs ( I dont find as good ones as India here, so carry a couple of them)
• Hair clips and hair bands and hair anti-frizz lotion and creams
• Nail clipper (cutter)
• Medicines - whatever you have on a regular basis. It is important that you take enough of even crocin and d cold's etc, It is even more tough to get if you have ayurvedic/sidha medicines. Do carry all that.
• Specs spare ones, and lens etc.

All cosmetics that are available in India are available here. So carry just for the first time. That would do. I got all this from India and found my first few months a breeze. From Medimix, Hamam to Arnica, you get all brands here. So, it is totally optional.

• Laptop and charger in a separate bag, buy a mouse even if u r comfortable with the touch pad.
• A sleeve for laptop.
• Ethernet cable ( important)
• A usb pen drive (preferably 8 gb and above)
• Ear phones and mobile with charger and data cable
• Travel hair dryer (optional)
• A pen torch light (optional)
• Calculator ( The ones available here are not good)
• A multipin socket extension board with at least 4 sockets (a must)
• Four pin square adaptor ( SG uses square pins) - Carry at least 4-5 of them.

Cooking Items & Utensils (Optional - but recommended)
• One thava (for chappathi)
• One frying pan ( I got a combined one - where you can make rotis and curries)
• One 2 or 3 litre pressure cooker the flat types with whistle and a spare gasket and spare valve
• 1 wooden spatula for the non stick thava, 1 teaspoon, 1 fork, 1 bread knife for spreading butter or jam, 1 table spoon, 1 kuzhi karandi, 1 flat karandi for frying in the cooker, 1 sharp kitchen knife and scissors
• Pressure Cooker ( Small one)
• Scrubs (scotch brite) and a plastic scrub for the non stick thava ( These are expensive here!)
• Peeler, tea strainer, Microwave safe mug, bowl and plate (one small and one big)
• 500gms of chilli powder, coriander powder, garam masala ( optional)
• Semiya, Aval, Rava, tea powder ( as much as you can – available here, but fairly expensive)
• Indian maggi noodles. You don’t get it in all places.

All food stuff can be carried in to Singapore (SG). You can get home made podis, pickles, mixes etc. Make sure you seal it well. A lot of places in SG have induction stoves. If you are buying new utensils, make sure they are induction stove compatible. All utensils are available in SG, if you are okay to pay the price.

• 7 hangars (plastic preferred - it is expensive here)
• Compressible laundry bag (optional), to put stuff you want to wash. Once again, you can buy it there.
• Travel locks and keys (one for your cabin baggage and laptop bag)
• Iron (optional)
• Watch (preferable with dual time and alarm)
• Sun glass (recommended)
• A handy, small and foldable umbrella (a must). Carry even two if you are okay!
• A small notepad or book
• A couple of good writing ballpoint pens
• A good backpack for carrying laptop, a notebook every day to college. A durable one.

• 10th and 12th mark lists, degree certificate, consolidated mark sheet, transfer certificate (if any), course completion certificate, work join date welcome letter, relieving letter, designation hike letter, pay slips, letters of appreciation (school, college and office), achievements certificate or letters (extracurricular and co-curricular)
• Take photocopies of all documents above and keep one set in your luggage and give one set to your family and carry the originals with you in your laptop bag or your cabin baggage
• Same goes for passport, visa and admit letters to Nanyang (copies to be given to family and one kept in your luggage)
• Take a print out of the address, contact number of the place you are going to stay (if u get hostel accommodation), emergency contact numbers of everyone you know in Singapore
• Take a medical and life insurance before you travel and keep those documents and card with you safely. (Optional, again)

Bedding and linen ( Optional - You can also buy it there)
• One bed spread
• Two pillow covers
• One pull over blanket

Special thanks to the one who made this and please add info if you think something is missing.


  1. Perfect !! Good work guys :) Wish u good luck !!!

  2. Great travel tips. I would also recommend scanning a copy of your passport and emailing it to a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account in case you lose it, then you can print it from an internet cafe and it will help it getting it replaced when you contact the US Embassy in Singapore. Can I have permission to share your travel checklist on my blog? You can find it at Let me know and safe travels!

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