Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Keywords: The Machine Shop (Warner Bros. Records), We Major, Invasion

Genre: Hip Hop (fused with electronic elements thanks
to DJ Hahn and DJ Green Lantern)

Fan Club: Fort Minor Militia

Info: Fort Minor is a hip-hop side-project of Mike Shinoda, better known as the main link in the American rock band Linkin Park. The Rising Tied is his debut solo campaign released in November 2005, involving many famous friends of his. The track ‘Where’d you go’ went up to #4 on Billboard Hot 100 chart while my personal favorite ‘Remember the name’ settled for #66.

Shinoda, one of the most talented guys in the industry now, is the soul of FM. He wrote all the lines, composed all the tracks, played 80% of the instruments on his own as he revealed in an MTV interview. The lines for the rap sometimes go extremely personal with the track ‘Kenji’ being the most noticed for exploring the experience of Japanese-American internees during World War II. Kenji is RAP Story-telling at its best.

At one point, it was rumored that Fort Minor was a signal that Linkin Park was heading to split. But Shinoda’s dedication to the Linkin Park has led to the abatement of Fort Minor attire.

Trivia:Remember the name’ appeared in the trailers of the latest block buster ‘The Karate Kid’ starring the legend-Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith (son of Will Smith).


My Fort Minor playlist:     1.Remeber the Name (ft. Styles Of beyond)
                                     2.Believe me (ft. Bobo & Styles Of Beyond)
                                     3.Feel like Home (ft. Styles Of beyond)
                                     4.The Hard Way
                                     5.Where’d you go (ft. Holly Brook & Jonah Matranga)

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