Monday, July 5, 2010

Where are we heading?

A Malayalam professor of Newman College of Arts in Kerala was recently in the front pages of regional newspapers for preparing a religiously inflammatory question paper which seemingly offended the religious feelings of another community. The next thing we hear is that this guy got his hand chopped off by a bunch of hooligans while he was returning from church after the Sunday offerings with his mother and sister. Welcome to God’s own country- Kerala… gradually turning into land of atrocities and cannibalism. Nations only 100% literate state is obviously not mature enough to discriminate between the good, bad and the ugly.
The news channels aired the news for the next 24 hours without a break and the most shocking scene came when I saw the victim’s sister carrying the cut-off hand in a plastic bag as tears rolled down her cheeks.
The evening shows in the TV channels were quickly filled up with serious discussions and debates on whether this was a planned attack on the communal harmony in the state. Religious leaders were called upon (the channel guys were certainly hoping for a possible brawl to increase their TRPs) and some unheard names from the political arena also rushed in with their best suit on. The discussions were all rubbish, quickly changing directions and taking up rather vague issues like governance of Christian missionaries in the state & alleged terrorist training camps in Muslim institutions. The politicians were not at all interested in mocking their grief for the unfortunate but were ready to announce their allegiance towards the next day’s ‘Bharat Bandh’. They quickly went on to explain how they oppose the weakness of the current Central Government for fuel price rise and inadequate support for the common people, as if they were the only messiah of the mobs. I turned off the TV when I couldn’t take any more of this Tamasha.


  1. im totally disgusted as you are. At a time where we look forward to educate people saying literacy is the only way out to overcome poverty and to grow into a tolerant and mature society, the scene in kerala the most literate state is very discomforting.....political parties, religious outfits, even the youth are getting more into destructive mode. the so called highly intellectual leaders are just incompetent.

  2. A sad state of affairs indeed,

    In answer to your questions - Where are we heading - God only knows!!

  3. @Pradeep : what i cant make out is that how doing worse against bad could solve the problem? Punishing prof. on their own was never a ws only aimed at fuelin religious sentiments...similarly the 'bharat Bandh' ws never goin to bring down d fuel prices whose main reason is global trend which no national government can suppress...
    I feel more ashamed wen i see the spirited people of TamilNadu, the neighbouring state, as they go on with their routine work, ignoring the call for hartals by cheap political attires.

    only if people cud understand a lil more. :(


  4. Pathetic !

    I hope someday some people will realize. till then we will contributing our bit.



    watch the ppt in this website....
    u would probably feel disgusting to even breathe in this country...