Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mozilla Firefox Issue

Well,its been real time when i wrote a post on my blog.Lack of time,college and many other reasons including my slumping interest in writing posts prevented me from doing so.But when I was working with Firefox after a long time (because of Chrome),I came across a very peculiar issue..."Firefox's version 5" didnt has the function which asked the user whether he wants to save multiple tabs before closing them.After a thorogh search on net i was able to find a way to solve this.So i thought those who still dont know about this may find this thread useful.
After installing Firefox perform the following steps:
to make firefox save tabs, type in navigation bar:
2)click "i'll be carefull,i promise"
3)then in the filter bar type:
4)then double click on the result showing:
  "browser.showQuitWarning" change its value to true.
Hope this resolves the issue.Happy browsing..........:)

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