Monday, December 10, 2012

How to share files between Windows and Linux running on VMware

This is what you need to do share files between your Windows and Linux running on VMware without switching back and forth every time you need to access one of your files in the Windows desktop while working in a virtual machine.

1. Go to VMware>> Virtual Machine>> Virtual Machine Settings...>> Options

2. Select "Shared Folders" and enable it. (its disabled by default)

3. Click on the "Add..." button and browse for the folder or drive you want to access from the Windows file-system.

4. Click on "OK"

And you are good to go.

While inside the virtual machine, you can access your shared files under the File System>> mnt>> hgfs

Caution: Do not access the same file in both Windows and the virtual machine at the same time as it could result in unpredictable behavior. It is not recommended to share without backing up.

Have fun!

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  1. B O O K M A R K E D! ! ! Sharing this all to my friends and I’ll surely take note on what this article had shared. XOXO:D