Saturday, July 28, 2012

Free Card Design with OCBC FRANK Account

This is especially for those students who are on stipends or who are earning part-timers. Wonder if you were also tempted by those card designs that adore the walls of OCBC FRANK branch at NTU, but settled for the free complimentary design due to budget restrictions. If that is the case, then there is good news.

   If you decide to credit your monthly pay into your new OCBC FRANK account, then you can choose a card design for your free ATM/debit card absolutely free of cost. This offer is valid only if you open a FRANK savings account before 31, October 2012. You can choose any card design (which they usually may charge upto S$ 20) except the ones in Designer Series.

Screen shot of the promotion from OCBC website
   You can check out the card designs here. You can know more on this from here.

One thing to note is that sometimes the people at the branch may not be aware of this promotion. This happened to me. I had seen this promotion on the website but when I asked at the counter, they said that the promotion ended in August itself. But I called the customer service and they responded aptly and now I am going to get my favorite card design. Now thats being FRANK! :)

   So get ready to get your funky new ATM card and flaunt it among your friends. :)

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