Thursday, April 19, 2012


What first comes to your mind when you read or hear Man Utd..??.......the awesome Old Trafford stadium, the legends it has produced, the classic red jersey,…….or simply the legendary coach Sir Alex Ferguson……..

Well  I am not going to write about him. Simply because I don’t have to. People with great track records, cranky critics, and even opposition players and managers have said and written about him and what he has done for Man Utd. We all know that for the past 25 years he really has been the father of the United club, achieving almost everything within his grasp and more. The club is still doing great under him, performing well on the field and behaving well off the pitch and am sure that they will clinch their 20th Premier league (Can’t resist myself from saying at least a sentence of praise).

But the real worry is that how long can he carry on??... He is now 70 years old & is not getting any younger. He expressed his desire to coach United for the next three seasons also. Okay, well and good. But we all fear what’s gonna happen to this club next??... No ‘any other’ coach will do!!

Is there a man who can nurture young talents to make legends out of them, who has the mental authority over players as potent as Rooney, who can repeat the era of the Treble???  I know that there are rumors of Jose Mourinho taking up the guards of United next. But hey! No illusions please. Rumors are there at every corner. The person whoever he is will find it arduous to fill in the shoes of Sir Alex and carry forth his legacy, that’s the benchmark he has set. I personally feel that the way club is performing to the contemporary standards is majorly because of its manager; the way he manages the players and his tactics. So we need a guy who resembles his ways and methods and can do well with the team which the Boss has prepared.

   For me, each time I watch them play and cheer United’s victories, it’s very hard to accept that we are heading for the end of an era as well. The world’s most famous and most followed club needs to prepare for its most feared and yet unfortunately expected context. I hope the Glazer Family realizes this and steps have already been taken (You can’t always be lucky as Chelsea to have a better assistant coach). We always leave everything to the Boss, so maybe this time around too, he might have thought of something about his successor. Hoping that we remain the ‘Come Back Kings’ as ever, long after Sir Alex is gone.
                                       UNITED RULEZZ…!!!!!!

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